WDCE Building Interior Business Division inherits the concept of providing clients with a full process and integrated design service which covers the providing of design consulting service from early stage planning, brand formulating, sales management, operation maintenance and other aspects from perspectives of clients, market and users; as a result, the brand value and duplicability in realizing success of projects will be increased accordingly. The team service scope covers BIM System based interior full information parameterization green design, sign design, soft decoration accessories design, standardization research and other services.
Founded in 2007, after the development and growth of the past nearly ten years, Building Interior Business Division has gradually grew to become a comprehensive design team which services cover the full process from project top-level design, early stage planning, survey comparison & selection, concept design, deepening plan, construction plan design, site service, and approval & review. At present, it owns more than 60 domestic and foreign senior designers and aims at providing clients with integrated, refined & professionalized, and brand-oriented design overall planning.
The design team has achieved breakthrough performance respectively in office, real estate, city complex, hotel resort, culture & education, rail transit, and other many fields, and has completed projects such as Beijing Yanqi Lake Core Island APEC Villa, Jingdong Mall Yizhuang Headquarters, Jingtou Yintai Kunyufu, Beijing National Day School, interior and entry & exit concept design for the whole line of Beijing Subway Line No. 14. Moreover, this Division also has been keeping a long-term cooperative relationship with many domestic and foreign established architectural design companies to work together for building challenging advanced projects of high level .