WDCE Shangcheng Planning Institute (hereinafter referred to as the “Institute”) has been committing to design consulting services such as concept panning, urban design, regulatory detailed planning, overall planning, villages and towns planning and other planning fields; the Institute also effectively integrates multiple professional technology resources such as industry research, ecological green design, urban spatial form, building scheme, digital technology and others by relying on WDCE “Total Design” platform, and these effective integration results will be applied to rail transit transportation integration, industry park planning, urban renewal planning, city style design, ecological planning, campus planning, landscape design and other innovation fields. The Institute provides a whole life cycle design from planning to scheme even to construction plan.
With regard to planning design, WDCE proposed “ecological industry city” design concept, and formed an industry park design consulting service mode that integrates project planning, investment attracting operation, action planning, spatial scheme, landscape planning and architectural design as a whole.

WDCE Shangcheng Planning Institute, formerly was known as “WDCE urban planning team” which name was officially changed into its current name in June 2014, currently under the leading of its President Doctor Liang Wei and Vice President Mr. Zhu Xianze, with a professional team consists of over 70 team members whose educational background either of graduates from Chinese key architecture universities/colleges or from overseas universities/colleges, and most of them hold a Master’s Degree in urban planning, city economy, architecture, landscape design and other related concentrations, and all of key members possess 5+ year working experiences.
The Institute maintains a good cooperative relationships with Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Planning, Urban Planning Society of Beijing, Administrative Committee of Zhongguancun Science Park, Dongcheng District Party Committee, Changping District Party Committee and other organizations.
The Institute always provides effective comprehensive solutions to clients and realizes the maximum urban development & construction comprehensive benefits by insisting on the “Total Design•Good Partner” service concept and upholding “integration and full range” service mode. Up to the present, the Institute’s has served and cooperated over 100 clients which cover governments, parks, park developers, enterprises, schools and research institutes, clients and its projects have been throughout multiple large and middle sized cities in China.