1) Trainings and Exchanges:The Company regularly invites industry experts, professors from colleges and universities, master architects, as well as internal design experts in all fields to conduct professional academic training and exchanges, with an average of no less than 60 technical professional trainings, management trainings, and salon activities per year.


2) Study Tour and Visits:The company organizes no less than 10 % of the employees to conduct domestic and foreign project visits and study tours every year, with the aim to expand their horizons. Meanwhile, the company launches monthly assessment on “Star of WDCE”, and the winners may travel abroad with the expenses borne by the company.

3) Representative Organizations

WDCE Society for the Study of Architecture

  The study of Chinese architecture has a long history. In the Spring and Autumn Period, Lu Ban was the first one to start to make tools, thus leaving wealth for generations; The Building Standards compiled by Li Jie in the Northern Song or Earlier Song Dynasty was an agglomeration of architectural ideas at that time; Mr. Zhu and Mr. Liang of the Republic of China (1912-1949) formed the society, which focused on traditional architecture but also appreciated the foreign architectural style. The wealth they left behind, whether the pitching tool and the nicking tool, or the colored drawings and gold foil paintings, will be appreciated by the later generations forever.

WDCE was established 20 years ago. In the spring of 1992, we accumulated elate of the world and, to construct international highland of architecture. Even if we have gained recognition in the industry, we have refused to forget the initial determination; in spite of the achievements we have made, we still remember what has pushed us to go so far. The construction of a society for the study of architecture is our dream, and we aim to provide platform for the development of master architects.


  If we make concerted efforts, have extensive reading, enjoy answering questions, conduct careful reflection, and work persistently without weariness, who dares to contend with us?

  WDCE Society for the Study of Architecture carries out student enrollment every spring, and gives training in the form of regular lecturing. Company executives and external experts will be invited to be the lecturers and give in-depth exchanges. It will make assessment each end of the term, and issue certifications.

Walton Community

  Upholding the slogan of "Happy Work, Happy Life", as a non-governmental organization of WDCE, Walton Community regularly organizes various activities, such as "Room Escape", outings, team quality development training, as well as various competitions.



  In the course of enterprise development, the company focuses on value embodiment and continuous ability enhancement of the employees. It has established a sound promotion system, with the aim to help employees achieve their career development.

  The following principles will apply to staff development: the principle of laying equal emphasis on morality and performance, the principle of combining gradual promotion with leapfrog promotion, the principle of combining longitudinal promotion with horizontal promotion (employees can be promoted along one channel, or the promotion channel may be adjusted with the change of development direction), and the principle of combining promotion with demotion.

  According to job nature and employee status, promotion channels comprise technical position channel and management position channel. The technical positions are divided into ten ranks according to job requirements, the promotion will be carried out in form of assessment every 2-3 years. The management positions are divided into nine ranks according to job requirements, when there is management vacancy, relevant personnel may be promoted through internal competitive selection or direct promotion.

  he company provides every employee with career development stage suitable for the development of both the employee and the company.